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Organic Color-Grown Cotton     

Our Color-Grown Organic Cotton yarns and fibers have been grown to enhance the inherent natural brownish and green pigments in the cotton. No dyes or chemicals have been added to these yarns and fibers, making them 100% Organic and Earth-Friendly.

We've chosen the perfect combination of quality cotton fibers, organically grown without fertilizers or pesticides that retain all the good qualities of cotton: soft, durable, versatile and colorfast. These naturally color-grown fibers and yarns are all free of chemical dyes.

The yarn colors are grown in shades of browns and greens; no dyes or chemicals are used in it's processing, making this a very earth-friendly yarn! Pakucho Organic Cotton is GOTS certified at the source. Naturtex is a Fair Trade certified company and that means living wages for the artisans that make their yarns for the people growing this fiber in Peru.

Pakucho 10/2 Yarn
Our naturally colored and 100% organic cotton yarns include
*10/2 Pakucho Light Mini cones
*10/2 Pakucho Dark Mini cones
*10/2 Pakucho Dark -16 oz cones
*10/2 Pakucho Light- 16 oz cones
Ideal for weaving and machine knitting. Now available in 11 shades of color-grown brown and greens and natural.

FoxFibre® Color-Grown Organic Cotton
Sally Fox spent years developing quality, organic, color-grown cotton fibers. Our FoxFibre 10/2 Color-Grown Organic Cotton yarn comes in shades of light and dark brown.

Pakucho Sport & Worsted Weight Yarns
Pakucho Organic Sport and Pakucho Organic Worsted are our newest edition to this line of eco-friendly yarns, availabe in twelve earth-friendly shades of naturally grown browns and greens. Ideal for knitting, weaving and crochet.

Snuggle Baby Blanket Kit
Snuggle Baby Blanket Kitis so easy to weave on any 15" wide loom with at least 2 shafts using our Pakucho Organic Sportweight yarns . Easy to launder and free of all chemicals for baby's health.

Color-Grown Organic Towel Kits
Our Color-Grown Organic Towel Kit is easily woven on any 2-shaft loom at least 22" wide using the beautiful naturally colored shades of Pakucho 10/2 Organic Cotton browns and rusts.
Our Rigid Heddle Organic Towell Kit is easily woven on any 20" wide rigid heddle loom.

Color-Grown Spinning Fibers
Our brown, cinammon and green naturally colored cotton slivers have been "earth-friendly" grown with less chemicals and have been processed as Easy-to-Spin® leaving in more of cotton's natural crimp, making them easier to spin, even for the beginning cotton spinner.
*Color-Grown Brown Easy-to-Spin® Sliver
*Color-Grown Cinnammon Easy-to-Spin® Sliver
*Color-Grown Green Easy-to-Spin® Sliver
*Color Grown Cotton Combo includes an eight ounce sampling of all fibers listed above plus green and brown ginned lint. Ideal for creating a variety of gorgeous color-grown cotton yarns!

*Spin & Weave Color-Grown Towels includes enough fiber to spin and weave three generous-size kitchen towels (18" x 30") on any 2-shaft 22" wide loom!

We've added many versatile patterns for babies and adults to support these yarns. Patterns are listed under each yarn description.

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