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Schacht Warping Tools     

Our spool rack is essential for sectional warping. It will hold up to forty 4" spools and has a center post that pivots for easy loading and unloading. The center post locks into place during use. Even though the spool rack is generally used for sectional warping. It can be indispensable for other studio tasks as well: holding standard yarn tubes and bobbins or as a place to clamp a swift or ball winder.
Our spools are made of cardboard and measure 4" wide with 3" flanges.
20" x 40 1/2" x 18"

Our Tension Box features a mounting bracket that adjusts to fit all our looms: Wolf, Standard, or Cranbrook. It should be compatible with floor looms other than ours as well. Features include: two-sided sturdy construction with a reed at the back, an adjustable tension knob, a heddle to make the cross, and a swiveling reed at the front to adjust the feeding width of the warp.

Warping Pegs are the simplest and most portable warp-measuring tools.
They clamp to a table or counter; the single peg placed at one end of the warp length and the pair of pegs placed at the other end, spread as far apart as the warp is long. Use with your own "C" clamps.

Our brass S-shaped reed hook is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The large hook makes the sleying of various size yarns easy.
Heddle hooks are available in two blade lengths; 4 1/2" and 7 1/2". Use for threading heddles on a harness loom or for threading rigid heddle reeds.

Warping mills are ideal for long warps. Instead of going back and forth with your arm to measure threads like on a warping board, the warping mill goes around and around which is quicker and less tiring.
Our warping mills come in two models: the vertical warping mill sits on a table, and our horizontal warping mill which may be used either on a table or on the floor.
Both mills have a two yard circumference, will hold up to 18 yards of warp, and can be folded up for storage.

Warping boards are the most commonly used measuring devices.
Our warping boards are available in two sizes: the 14 yard warping board is one yard across and the 4 1/2 yard warping board measures a half yard across.
To withstand the strain of threads under tension, we tenon our hardwood dowels and press them securely into the frame.

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Application: Weaving
Vendor: Schacht


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