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Why Choose 10/2 Perle Cotton

If you love cotton, you'll adore using our perle cotton, Pearly Perle yarns!
We especially love working with Pearly Perle 10/2. Here's why:

Pearly Perle 10/2 cotton is very strong

1. It can withstand the greatest amount of abrasion.

2. It can form countersheds on a drawloom.

3. It can get woven and unwoven and woven and unwoven to correct errors.

4. It can be wound and unwound and rewound on warp beams to correct tension problems.

5. It can endure repeated washings by machine and by hand in water of any temperature.

Pearly Perle 10/2 cotton is smooth

1. It's easy to warp with and weave with.

2. It slides through crosses and heddles without tangling.

3. It shines in twills and other weaves with pattern floats and spots.

4. In lace weaves and other weaves where threads deflect, you really slide over to make lacy holes and curvy shapes.

5. It stays smooth and shiny after repeated washings.

Pearly Perle 10/2 cotton is just the right size

1. It is not too fat nor too thin.

2. It is perfect for clothing, such as blouses and tops in twills, plain weave, and lace weaves.

3. It makes wonderful curtains in lace and table linens in twills, damasks, and doubleweave.

4. It be made into scarves and shawls and yet you can also be rugs and mats in warp rep.

Pearly Perle 10/2 cotton is brilliant

1.It comes in a rich selection of over 135 colors from brights to pastels to earhttones.

2.Color that can be combined for suptle color gradations and effects.

Try our Pearly Perle 10/2 cotton yarn and see for yourself!

Click Here to see an extensive list of our newest Pearly Perle 10/2 cotton kits

Click Here to find ordering information and full line of colors of our Pearly Perle yarns.

Comments excerpted from Madelyn van der Hoogts
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