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Doubleweave Tips

Doublewewave is fun! Doubleweave allows you to double the weaving width of your loom; make tubes, puckers, puffs and even pictures. Doublewewave is one of the few structures that let's you place solid color side-by-side in solid blocks.

Here's some helpful tips for making all your doubleweave projects a success.

CHOOSE A SYMMETRICAL WARP COLOR ORDER: The easiest warp color order for doublewidth weaving is a symmetrical one. One color for the top layer and a different one for the bottom.

HOLD TWO ENDS TOGETHER AS YOU WIND THE WARP: If there are two ends of each color in each dent of the reed, as you wind the warp you can hold two threads together (separated by your fingers).

BUBBLE THE WEFT:This will help to maintain even selvedges.

USE A TEMPLE: A temple will keep your fabric a consistent woven width, particularly helpful for wider width fabrics when doing doubleweave.

WEAVE A HEADER IN A SINGLE LAYER: Weave a plaineweave header (1-3 vs 2-4 if you've threaded 1-2-3-4). This will make it easier to see and coirrect any threading errors.

CHECK THE LAYERS:After a frew picks of a single layer, switch to the treadling you will use to weave the two layers and weave a second short header. Raise the shafts for the top layer and check that the layers are weaving independently.

USE FISHING LINE AT CENTER FOLD: Run fishing line with each of the two center threads (one on each side of the fold). This will help in getting a center fold that is smooth and invisible when the fabric is opened up. You can also loosen the sett at the fold.

Special thanks to Margaret Gaynes and Liz Gipson for these hints and tips.

For more helpful hints and tips on Doubleweave,download Best of Handwoven: Doubleweave, Doublewidth e-book from Interweave Press.

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