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Honeycomb Cable technique With Lily Chin

Download your copy of "Reversible Cables with Lily Chin" today!

Although complex looking, Lily makes knitting reversible cables easy with several ways for creating this unique reversible effect. Lily will guide you through the endless possibilities with a progression of stitches.

Cable charts can sometimes look more complicated than the cables themselves! Leave it to Lily Chin to simplify these charts and make them easier to follow.

Here's an example of one of Lily's new charts:

CO 32 sts (8 sets, 4 sts in each set)
Work 8 rows in St st.
*First crossing row: [Work 4/4 Left Cross (cn in front). work 4/4 Right Cross (cn in back)] 2 times.
Work 7 rows in St st.
Second crossing row: [Work 4/4 Right Cross (cn in back), work 4/4 Left Cross (cn in front)] 2 times.
Work 7 rows in St st.
Repeat from * for pattern.

Take a look at the chart to the left of the swatch. The numbers at the bottom of the chart represent the number of stitches you're crossing as each cable is worked.

In this case, you're crossing 4 stitches over 4 stitches. The numbers at the right of the chart represent the number of plain (non-crossing rows) worked between crossing rows. (What isn't shown in this chart are the garter stitch edging stitches, which were done just for the swatch.)

This tip is compliments of Lily Chin and Knitting Daily. Click here to see a preview from Knitting Daily Workshop on Reversible Cables with Lily Chin.

The honeycomb cable knitting pattern is a classic, and one of my personal favorites. Lily has used it expertly in her Honeycomb V-Neck Pullover, shown at left. Lily paired the honeycomb pattern with a simple rope cable to make a classic, yet updated Aran sweater. I think the V-neck is wonderful in this design, making it a great unisex sweater.

Another favorite is Lily's Staghorn Cabled Coat, shown here, which features staghorn cables on the cuffs, hemline, and lapels. When the staghorn cable is worked as a reversible cable it reverses direction, so you have "Ws" on one side and "Ms" on the other. I love this because it adds even more interest to the garment.

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