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Warping Cotton

Cotton is not as elastic as wool, and so you have less "give" when warping & weaving. Being extra careful about tautness when tying on the warp will make the rest of the weaving a lot easier.

Warping sticks are just as important on the cloth beam as the warp beam itself. The sticks will ensure a firm and even tension on the remaining warp.

Keep your warp pretty tight while weaving. Keep in mind that your finished fabric will not look like it does on the loom. I used to love to see patterns and feel the fabric as I wove. It took me a while to realize that weaving was an intermediate step. As you weave you must be planning the cloth's future feel and drape, just as you must look at the warp on the warping board as very different from the final outcome. A good rule for dress-weight fabric is that it must be open, airy, even gauzy-looking on the loom if it is to be a softly draping fabric.

Having selvedge problems? As you tie on your warp, don't tighten the selvedges more that the rest of the ends. If they are tighter, they will fill in more quickly and your weft pics will curve up on either side. Next thing you know, you will have spaces in the center of the fabric.

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