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How to Make a Cotton Boll Angel

Yes, a cotton (boll) Christmas angel is made from the entire cotton boll.

Cotton Bolls available from Cotton Clouds.

When picking the mature bolls from the stem, do not remove the cotton from the seed pod. Four petals of the burst open pod will form two arms and two wing bases for the angel or two arms and a scarf for the snowman.

Choose the most suitable petals; remove the rest.

Cotton Boll Angel Ornament Instructions

Materials for Angel
1 cotton boll with seed pod attached
¾ to 1" diameter wood ball
Flesh color paint
Doll hair (Create For Less has a great selection) or make your own using yarn
4" of silver or gold wire
10" of gold crochet cord or very thin ribbon
6" of ¾ to 1"-wide white or cream lace
Two 4" strips of 1 to 1 ½"-wide gold or silver lace

Fine tip permanent markers
Hot glue gun
Needle and thread
Paint brush
Hammer and nail (with diameter equal to wire for halo) - optional

How to Assemble the Angel

For head, paint the wooden ball with your choice of flesh color. Set aside to dry.

Accordion fold the white or cream lace and run a stitch through the top edge; knot loosely enough that you will be able to form the angel's collar.

Fold in half end to end; stitch ends together; turn; and flatten into a ruffled circle.

Accordion fold each piece of gold or silver lace and run a stitch through the top edge; knot loosely enough to form the angel's wings.

Use the fine tip markers to draw the angel's face.

Heat up your glue gun. The halo can be glued directly onto the hair.

If you prefer a suspended halo, use a nail to make a hole at the crown of the head.

Glue on doll's hair. Form a circle with the wire and glue to the hair. If doing a suspended halo, form a circle on a stick (you know, like a halo in a Halloween costume) and glue the stick into the hole you created previously.

Tie the piece of crochet cord or ribbon into a loop for hanging your ornament. Glue the loop to the top of the angel's head.

Glue the angel's collar to the center of the boll's seed pod with the seam at what will be the back. Glue the completed head to the center of the collar with the face between the two best seed pod extensions to form the angel's arms.

Glue the lace wings onto the back seed pod extensions. Since each boll is unique, you will need to play with how best to position the wings (i.e. on top of the seed pod pieces or against them).

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