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How to Make Twisted Fringe

Twisted fringe is ideal for keeping warp end fringe from fraying and results in a strong and sturdy fringe.

Allow 6 – 10 inches of warp allowance for your twisted fringe, leaving this unwoven.

Determine how thick you want your fringe to be. Usually 4 – 6 warp ends work well for most items.

Starting at one edge of the scarf, grasp 3 warp ends in your hand.

Begin to twist this group of 3 ends to the right. Keep twisting to the right until the yarn bundle begins to kink.

While holding tightly onto this twisted yarn bundle, grasp the next 3 warp ends and begin to twist these together to the right (in the same direction as the previous warp bundle)

Again, keep twisting to the right, until the yarn kinks.

Take both twisted warp bundles and hold them together.

Twist both bundles to the left, so that they twist together, wrapping around each other.

Secure the bundles with a knot at the end of the fringe. Repeat the above procedure, working across the scarf or blanket.


If working with rayon or cotton chenille, the twisted fringe should be wound tightly, to prevent worming.

The fringe should be done, before the article is wet-finished or fulled.

If you are going to do a lot of twisted fringes, a Fringe Twister makes this procedure much easier.

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