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Slots & Holes-Three Ways to Warp A Rigid Heddle Loom     

Master these three ways to warp your rigid heddle loom, and you’ll be prepared to weave anything from simple plain fabric to complex stripes or plaids to fine fabrics you thought were only possible on a floor loom.

Included in the DVD are three free patterns. Liz Gipson's Slots & Holes Rigid Heddle Table Settings. These patterns will have you weaving placemats, napkins and a runner on your rigid heddle loom in no time.

Author, Liz Gipson has taught scores of people the joys of the rigid-heddle and in the process has developed simple approaches that make sense. You’ll feel comfortable with her down-home explanations and reassured by her common-sense ways of working.

This new video workshop is loaded with tricks and tips and know-how, from why it’s good to have an arsenal of scissors to how to warp with two yarns at once and save half your time.

This video includes free pattern PDFs that are zipped to the video file.

Click Here to watch a preview of Liz discussing her Slots and Holes DVD workshop

Easy-Peasy Direct Warping Did you ever think you could warp your loom in 20 minutes? Direct warping is fast, simple, and provides great results. All you will need is your rigid-heddle loom, a warping peg, ways to secure both to a table, and voila! This works best with projects that don't need to be an exact length and uses one type of yarn (usually a worsted weight).

Liz's Favorite—Indirect Warping This technique makes use of a warping board, but don't worry—Liz will walk you through it. Along with threading the heddle, she will also show you how to tie on to the apron rods. This style of warping takes a little more time, but works best when making exact lengths, working with lots of colors, or using multiple types of yarns in your warp.

Warping With Two Rigid-Heddles Sometimes you want fine cloth, but your rigid-heddle doesn't have the right dent count. With two heddles you can get twice the amount of dents in an inch. Liz will demonstrate how to double the amount of yarn you place on the warping board. Plus she will show you how to thread two heddles.

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Catalog number: VRH-Slots-Holes

Price: $24.95

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Application: Weaving
Vendor: Interweave Press


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