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What makes a cotton yarn organic?

Cotton Clouds' is proud to introduce our Verde Collection of 100% organic cotton yarns, including Allegoro a cotton/linen blend that is soft and drapable, Katydid an all-cotton ribbon yarn that knits up into well-defined stitches,Sprout,a soft, cushy, chunky yarn with a slightly nubby texture and it's finer, more delicate sister Seddling ideal for baby blankets.

Organic cotton yarn is now a big trend in knitting, weaving and crochet. As people are looking for more natural products to use on their bodies, organic cotton yarn fills a big niche in the handcraft world.

Organic cotton yarn means that the fiber the yarn is made from was produced without the use of man-made chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizer. Yarn, much like food, goes through a certification process in order for the it to be labeled organic.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers (there are natural ingredients that can be used for these purposes, such as pyrethrin, which comes from chrysanthemums). Emphasis is placed on the quality of the soil and things like crop rotation and supporting beneficial insects for pest control.

Organically grown cotton fibers have the same characteristics as conventionally grown cotton. The yarn is just as strong and durable as any other cotton yarn you could buy.

Organic cotton yarns can be dyed, but another nice thing about many of the organic products on the market today is that they are left natural. Light brown, gray and green colors are most widely available, allowing you to make beautiful cotton garments that you can feel good about.

Cotton Clouds' naturally colored and 100% organic cotton yarns include Pakucho 10/2 Organic Cotton, ideal for weaving and machine knitting. Now available in 11 shades of naturally grown brown and greens and natural.

Pakucho Organic Sport and Pakucho Organic Worsted are our newest edition to this line of eco-friendly yarns, availabe in twelve earth-friendly shades of naturally grown browns and greens.

Our other 100% organic cotton yarn , ideal for fine weaving and machine knitting include Ecocot, 10/2 Fox Fiber Naturally Colored Cotton, 10/2 Pachucho Lite Tones and 10/2 Pachucho Dark Tones.

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